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You have ideas, you know things could be better than they are, you have goals you would like to achieve. You have skills and talents that are not being put to use. You have relationships that can be enhanced.

As your Certified Professional Coach I help you take action. My clients reach their goals and dreams. They negotiate better salaries and benefits for themselves, they build better relationships, they have more satisfying lives, they launch new businesses, careers and creative endeavors.


If you're tired of being in the same place and not moving forward, reach out to me to talk about how you can start creating more of what you want both personally and professionally.

These are the services I offer:

Life Improvement Coaching for Individuals

$150 per 55 minute session

 • Activate Your Imagination
• Create a Meaningful Life
• Experience More Inspiration, Passion and Purpose
• Learn to Navigate Transitions Successfully
• Maintain Healthy Habits that Serve You Well
• Enhance Your Quality of Life
• Reflect on Your Life Experiences
• Create More Joy and Pleasure in Your Life

Career Advancement Coaching for Individuals
$150 per 55 minute session

 • Identify Areas for Growth, Development and Advancement
• Learn Assertiveness Skills
• Learn Negotiation Skills
• Learn to Maximize Your Efforts
• Learn to Minimize Distractions and Stay Focused on Your Goal(s)

Relationship Enhancement Coaching for Individuals & Couples
$150 per 55 minute session for individuals
$200 per 55 minute session for couples

 • Learn Improved Communication
• Learn to Enhance Intimacy
• Learn to Overcome Obstacles
• Add More Positive Experiences to Your Relationship
• Discover What Makes Lasting Love

This is what I'm offering - opportunities to move forward through improvement, advancement and enhancement.

In order to get what you've never had, you have to be willing to do what you've never done.

For some of us, that's getting assistance. Discover the difference coaching makes today. That's how change happens!

Start now and schedule your free 15-minute consultation.

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