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Three Tips to Get What You Want in 2022

A goal achieved is a desire of your heart actualized.

More than ideas, goals are achievable experiences that are so important to you that you commit time, energy, action, and sometimes even money to make them happen.

Whether you’re new to goal setting, a seasoned goal achiever, or a sidetracked goal experimenter, here are three sure tips to launch your success this year.

1. Start with the end in mind. Imagine, sense and feel your goals as if they have already been accomplished. Use all of your senses to step into your experience and notice what’s different and what’s better. What do you value about this outcome? What other possibilities can you envision?

Success Tip: If you’re finding it challenging to visualize the details of attaining your goal, this may be a clue that your goal needs some fine-tuning. Try adjusting your goal in your imagination until you can clearly visualize the results.

2. Write down your goals using an on or before date. Writing down your goals validates your commitment to achieve them. For example, “On or before May 1, 2022 I earn a black belt in Jiu Jitsu.” This is a contract that’s positive, personal and a real promise to yourself when you write it down. Look at your goals every day and take daily steps that move you closer to your desired outcome. As long as your goals are realistic for the time frame, assigning a target date for completion substantially increases the likelihood of reaching your goals on or before your date.

3. Assign action steps to your goals. Almost everything we do can be divided into a series of steps. Think about it — whatever you’re good at now began with elementary steps that were practiced until they eventually became nearly effortless. When you focus on taking one step at a time, goal achievement is a natural outcome.

Dawn Nelson, MSW, CHT, CPC

Professional Coaching Services

I can help you reach your goals by:

  • Assisting you with creating a plan that serves as your roadmap.

  • Helping you determine realistic time frames.

  • Teaching you skills and strategies to overcome obstacles.

  • Steering you back to your path if you find yourself in the weeds.

  • Celebrating small wins and great accomplishments with you.

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