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What Did You Want to Achieve in 2022? You Still Have Time!

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Yes, this year is more than half over. What was it that you wanted to achieve in 2022?

Did you want to start your own business? Grow your current business? Transition to a different career? Strengthen your relationship with a special person in your life? Write a book? Buy a new home?

The good news is you still have time. With your goal clearly in mind there are many things you can achieve before the clock strikes 12 on December 31.

Every accomplishment starts with an idea.

Goals are achieved when your heart is aligned with your vision and when passion and purpose direct your daily activities. Does your schedule reflect what is important to you? Are your actions congruent with what you want for yourself, your business and your relationships?

Helping individuals and teams articulate their goals is incredibly exciting. I have the privilege of working with people who have dreams they believe are worth achieving. What guides you and speaks to your heart? What goals are you planning to reach before 2023 arrives?

Maybe you can see the finish line from here. Maybe you got temporarily distracted by something else and are ready to re-focus your efforts on something that is of prime importance to you.

If either of these describe where you're at, ask yourself this: What would make a difference to me in this process? What would I do if I knew I could not fail? What do I need to start doing or stop doing to reach my goal before this year ends?

What do I do next? Will I likely accomplish this goal on my own and can I benefit from a professional's perspective and support?

Start with the end in mind. Break your goal down into bite size chunks. Determine what needs to be done tomorrow and put it on your schedule. One step at a time gets you there. Watch how each step moves you closer to completing your goal.

You got distracted? Don't worry about it! Worrying about it won't get you back on track. Start where you are and take the actions necessary to reach your objective.

I work with high achievers. They have great ideas and their ideas work. Coaching helps them fine tune their process, eliminate distractions and overcome obstacles. Believe it or not intelligence, experience, motivation and insight do not necessarily transfer into action. Coaching helps you take action, achieve your goals in reasonable time frames without making unnecessary detours so that you have more time and energy to enjoy other aspects of living!

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