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Making It to The Mountain Top

On your way to the mountain top have you ever ended up in the weeds for a bit? Reaching your goal can be like a hike towards the summit on a hot summer day. It starts out looking great but you never know what the day will bring.

Having a clearly defined goal helps you reach your destination in the time frame you have set for yourself. As the day unfolds you know exactly how much distance you need to cover each hour to reach the mountain top at your established time. To stay true to yourself and your goal let’s talk about three practices that can help you be proactive and stay focused on the next steps directly in front of you.

1. Speak it. Say your goal out loud. Before you step onto the trail for the day speak positive words over the path and your journey before you embark. Remember you chose this for yourself, it’s important to you and it’s a worthy goal. Visualize your destination. Imagine, sense and feel what it will be like to have successfully reached the summit by your appointed time.

2. Commit to and take the next steps in the allotted time frame. Break your goal (in this case it’s a hike) down into bite-size chunks that can be completed today. Stay present and focused on the task at hand. The list of steps you pledge to take today becomes your trail map. Make sure it is realistic and achievable with time reserved for other necessary activities like resting, relaxing and eating.

3. Accept the challenges of the trail.

The path to the mountain top will likely require some tenacity on your part. To satisfy your goal, celebrate reaching the top and leave ample time for the trip back down to base you will do what it takes. Whatever presents along the way you will carefully put forth concerted effort even when it is frustrating. Exercising perseverance you will continue to take steps towards your goal despite delays, difficulties or postponements. Challenges are not a surprise; they're part of the journey!

A little trail mix for your backpack: Hold on to your belief, carry with you a spirit of positive expectancy (good things are going to happen today) and have faith that this endeavor brings you one step closer to a life of fulfillment and joy!

Happy Hiking!

Dawn Nelson, MSW, CHT, CPC

Professional Coaching Services

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