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Hit the Ground Running in the New Year!

5 Steps To Build Traction Quickly In 2024

Five Steps to Find Traction in The New Year
Make the most of 2024

Are you ready to make the most of the New Year? How do you accomplish your goals in the New Year? Here are five steps to hit the ground running in 2024! And not just to accomplish quick resolutions, but to make lasting change in your life.

Step 1- Write down your top 3 goals for the New Year and post them somewhere you will see them every day

I encourage you to use Doran's SMART Goals:

SPECIFIC: Each goal needs to be specific and clearly stated. Instead of saying "I am a published author" it will state "I write and publish a book on leadership skills." Clarity is key in your goal setting as it is in life.

MEASURABLE: You state how you will assess success. What metric will you use?

ATTAINABLE: The goal can be realistically accomplished by you in a given time frame.

RELEVANT: The goal is personal and meaningful to you. It moves you in the direction of your dreams and values.

TIME BOUND: The goal has an "on or before date" assigned to it. Without a date, it's just an idea. This date helps you mentally back up, identify and prioritize your next steps. Having a completion date encourages an efficient use of your time. As you track your progress it builds excitement and a sense of satisfaction.

Here is an example of a clear goal:

  • Specific: On or before October 1, 2024 I write and publish a book on leadership skills.

  • Measurable: It will be 100 pages long and I will spend 90 minutes a day M-F writing it.

  • Achievable: I write 800-1200 words each day.

  • Relevant: Contributing to the body of work on leadership skills is an important exercise for me.

  • Time - Bound: I begin writing January 1 each day from 7:30-9 a.m. M-F. My first draft is completed on or before March 1, 2024.

Step 2- Envision what it is like to achieve your goals in the New Year

Use your imagination and your five senses to create the full experience of this success. How does it make things different for you? What do you imagine, sense and feel?

Step 3 - Be honest with yourself in this New Year

What did you want to do in 2024 that did not get done? What could you have done that would have made a difference? Think in terms of habits, not abilities. Before you go any farther assigning even the slightest bit of meaning to what it means about you that did not accomplish what you wanted to in 2023, STOP. You can make a change now.

Step 4. Do this instead this New Year: Stick with the facts

You know yourself. What do you know about yourself that supports you in making progress toward your goals? List things like: I do well when I __________________, ___________________, and __________________ (when I write out my goals, when I have an action plan, when I use a coach). When I avoid _______________, ___________________, and _______________ (burning up minutes and hours on the Internet entertaining myself, getting in my head, going in too many different directions) I make substantial progress toward my goals. Repeat what you know works and come up with a game plan to overcome any obstacles you anticipate.

Step 5. Make a roadmap for everyday and follow it in the New Year

Imagine if you were taking a road trip from New Orleans to Chicago and there was no GPS and you had to use an old-fashioned road map. It would be highly beneficial to have your day plotted out by the route you would take. You could plan where you were going to be and at a specific time of day so you could arrange important things like stops, meals and overnight lodging.

Of course you could just wing it but that's not very efficient nor does it keep you focused and motivated to arrive at your destination in a timely manner. Winging it burns up a lot of energy and time and it acts like a spike strip to thwart traction.

That's why you need a roadmap. Building traction is just one key to successfully attaining your goals. Traction is the sensation of being pulled towards your goal by your genuine enthusiasm and desire for the end result. Always start with the end in mind. Having a roadmap helps you focus by taking small steps daily, celebrating milestones along the way and ultimately succeeding at achieving your goal.

Here's to 2024 and doing something different for a change!

2024 celebration
Here is to a life changing 2024!

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