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Do One Thing Different for a Change

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Sometimes we go into a hunker down mentality that has us believing that we should handle all of our challenges single handedly. However, this state of mind often leads to repeating behaviors that we've used in the past that aren't necessarily working anymore.

High achievers repeat what works, until it doesn't work anymore.

When you know a change needs to be made, yet you're not sure where to start, a professional coach can assist you by encouraging you to do one thing differently today that will help move you towards your goal.

Staying stuck is not an option for high achievers.

Just One Thing

Doing one thing differently might include asking for help, stopping to think about what is/is not working or engaging your imagination.

I recently worked with an executive who wanted to make a career change. I listened, I asked questions, and I asked him to tell me how his life would be different when he made this change. At first he said his life would be "better" and "less stressed." As we talked I engaged his creativity with an exercise that revitalizes the imagination. He was then able to provide me with specific details about how he would be living his life, who would be surrounding him and what they would be doing together. He was able to visualize a beautiful and realistic picture of how his life would be better, and I could tell that he was excited about this next chapter in his life.

I helped this client create a plan for moving forward, and each time we met we tracked his gains, discussed any obstacles he was encountering and brainstormed solutions. I helped him set realistic goals of what he could achieve between coaching sessions, and he took daily action steps towards his goal.

I provided him with encouragement, direction and support, and our work together helped him stay accountable, focused, motivated and positive. Each of his small successes fueled his enthusiasm and drive. As we worked together I watched his heart align with his vision as he moved forward with passion and purpose.

He completed his transition to his new industry within 6 months and is now living his dream. When I recently spoke with him I heard exuberance in his voice. He said he can't wait to wake up each morning and go to his new office where he meets with people and helps them tackle obstacles of great value and consequence.

As one of my teachers always says, "If you aim at nothing, you hit it every time." So true. Do yourself a favor - Do one thing different for a change. Assign a date of completion to the things you really want to accomplish. Be realistic and stay focused on your next steps. When you need help reach out to me.

Here's What You Can Expect From Coaching:

You can expect to be held accountable. You can expect to be guided back to the path should you veer off it. You can expect words of encouragement, inspiration and celebration. You can expect to move forward and complete your goal(s).

Expect our meetings to be structured with a focus on your goal(s) with meaningful dialogue about strategies, purposeful actions and identifiable growth.

My clients say they achieve more by partnering with me than they would on their own, and that they reach their goals more quickly. This typically involves doing one thing different for a change that helps each person stretch, grow and develop.

Think in terms of getting out of your comfort zone and experimenting by doing just one thing differently today and see how it changes your situation and perspective.

I offer opportunities to move forward through improvement, advancement and enhancement. In order to get what you've never had you have to be willing to do what you've never done. Sometimes that's knowing when to get professional assistance.

Discover the positive impact coaching makes and do one thing different for a change!

Are you ready to move forward now?

Dawn Nelson, MSW, CHT, CPC

Professional Coaching Services

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